What microdose blend is best for me?

What microdose blend is best for me?

What microdose blend is best for me? 

Navigating which mushroom microdose supplement fits your individual needs may feel confusing, so here is our quick and simple guide to choosing which product is best for you.

Start off by asking yourself what health benefits you are looking for: 

Neuro Botanicals Adapt microdose capsules
Manages stress better. Feel more grounded. Support adrenals with adaptogenic herbs.

microdose bottle brain formula
General brain health. Improve mood and outlook. Promotes neurogenesis.

NeuroBotanicals Calm Formula microdose capsules
Reduces anxiety with the help of grounding herbs. Feel more relaxed without drowsiness.

Neuro BotanicalsFocus Microdose capsules
Best for focus and clarity. Better memory. Improve cognition. Mental performance.

Neurobotanicals Energy Microdose Capsules
Best for physical energy. Improves physical performance. Improve stamina. Increase vitality.

Can I use more than one tincture at the same time?

Yes!  It’s common for example to take Focus in the morning and Calm in the afternoon.

What’s the difference between 50mg doses and 100mg doses?

This refers to the amount of psilocybin mushrooms per capsule.  We generally suggest beginners start with 50mg.  If you already tried 50mg or are experienced with mushrooms you can take the 100mg doses.

How should I take my dose?

Start with 1 capsule in the morning but if needed you can consume up to 4 per day.   We like to take one in the morning and one mid-day.  Mushrooms are most effective on an empty stomach but taking with food will help to avoid anxiousness.  Taking with coffee may also cause some agitation for some people so we suggest avoiding that at first.

Still can’t decide which mushroom micro dose blend to go with?

If finding the right combination feels complicated, or you feel called to all of the mushroom benefits and can’t just pick one, we would recommend starting off with Brain Formula.  
And if you still need more help give us a shout!  We’d be happy so suggest something for you.


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